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I’m Cleaning My E-Mail Contacts – I want you to stay

August 9, 2011

I’m Chato Stewart, is a mental health advocate and cartoonist for Mental Health Humor blog at . You would think, I would not have to tell you who I am since you’re on my e-mail list. Well, that is why I’m asking everyone to opt-in on my monthly Newsletter. This way you will not miss out on any of the cartoons and other fun advocacy projects.

I know most of you may feel overwhelmed by e-mail and newsletters. My newsletter is NOT going to add to your frustration. Rather it will, I hope, give you a stress-reducer by highlighting some of my cartoons…There just may by a toon or two that hits your funny bone or one you can relate to or you may

know someone who would get a chuckle out it.

For you bloggers out there my cartoons are a source of free content for your blog. Yes, YES, you can post the un-edited cartoon and link it back to my site.

Group leaders and Organizations can use the cartoon in their newsletter most of the time for free. I ask that they consider tossing me a bone for my work in the for a a stipend. That is not a requirement.

Also, every years I hold a Cartton-A-Thon and draw 31 caricatures of my readers for free. In 2011 I set aside almost half of them just for my newsletter readers. So, being on my Newsletter does have a lot of value for any Mental Health advocate.

So please take a few seconds to op-in.

Two ways to Opt-in:

  1. Reply to this message giving me permission to add your name to my NEWSLETTER.
  2. Use this op-in link

Bonus My Free Book:

Chato B Stewart

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Please Note:

This e-mail is being to you because at some point over the last 3 years we have sometype of communacation via e-mail, social networks, or in person. Since I do know why you’re on my contact list I’m making an effort to invite you all my contact and asking you to Op-In to receive my newsletter.

When I am done I will be deleteng all my contact to start fresh.

Once again, you are receiving this e-mail in an effort to clean my list. You do not need to take any action if you wish to be remove since your e-mail will not be added into the Opt-IN list unless you Opt-in or give me permission to add you. Every one else will be deleted from my contacts list permintrely.


November 26, 2009

Please visit us at our new blog site…..Thanks!!!

Tim Hunter
Gleaming the View Inc.
Beaverton, Or.

Another Portland downpoor leaves us with more clogged gutters

October 26, 2009

This is becoming all to familiar this gutter season. The Portland area has been hit with some heavy rains leaving us in a scurry trying to handle the emergency gutter clogs. I do my best to handle the clogs as im running around the Portland metro doing estimates. Clearing a clog for a customer and hearing the water rush down the downspout is a pleasant sound for this NW Portland resident.

Clogged gutter in NW Portland

I think a trout swam bye!!!

water flowing down gutter into downspout

Good bye trout!!!


October 25, 2009

Last Fridays torrential down poor in the Portland area lead to 1000’s of gutter downspout clogs. We did the best we can to handle the demand our customers placed on us.

Gutter cleaning in the Portland metro becomes “In high demand” ! during serious rainfalls. People see there gutters are overflowing. With the news media covering stories on SW Portland homes sliding down hills well we become pretty popular. I consider ourselves the front lines of holding our west hills homes down!

Gutter cleaning is the most often forgotten about task to do around your home. Contact us, its free for a quote. I often go ahead a clear a clog for you too! Click here – FREE GUTTER CLEANING QUOTE.

A common style downspout on new row homes.

A common style downspout on new row homes.

Decorative gutter downspout fix – image

October 22, 2009
A decorative great idea to fix or add a downspout

A decorative great idea to fix or add a downspout

Beaverton gutter cleaners – Free quote | click here!

Chimney moss

October 19, 2009
Got moss?

Got moss?

Get yours cleaned today – Click here!


October 19, 2009