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A Benefit of North West Roof Moss

October 27, 2009

North west roof moss north view.

Almost all homes in the North west have a north facing side on there roof. A roof angled north gets less sun, keeping the roof damper longer promoting the growth of moss.
You know that saying “You can always find North walking in the forest by looking for moss” Very true…lol. Next time driving or walking up the street, look at peoples roofs and orientate your self north! There you will never get lost again! A benefit of roof moss.

North West Roof Moss


Moss growth in Beaverton Oregon

October 23, 2009

Heres a moss removal project were tackling next week. As you can see from the picture the moss appears to want to peal away from the roof fairly easily. Roof Moss in Beaverton, Or.You always want to do this test to make sure the roofing is still in fair to good condition. If the roof is in poor condition the best practice would be to spray and treat the roof with a moss killer, then return on a later date after the moss is dead to clean up.

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Chimney moss

October 19, 2009
Got moss?

Got moss?

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October 19, 2009


Bald Peak Roof Moss

October 7, 2009
Got moss?

Got moss?

A happy angies list member. 189th report – Gutter Cleaning

October 5, 2009

Tim from Gleaming The View came out to give me an estimate on gutter cleaning and power washing my driveway. While it is still some weeks before all the leaves around my home finish coming down, I had recently had my roof replaced and there were some clogs already in my gutters I was worried about. I thought Tim was just going to do an inspection and then give me the quote, but he said his goal is to always leave the customer with no clogs, so he used his pressure washer to unclog every one of my gutters as he was inspecting them to verify where they drained out to etc. He did not charge me for this; he said it was just part of the inspection, and gave me a quote on the cost to clear the gutters later this fall after the leaves were all down ($140). Needless to say, I was very happy with this “above and beyond” approach to customer service, and I will happily call him to clear my gutters when the time comes. I will also call him again in the spring when it’s power-washing time.

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October 1, 2009
Gutter cleaning in Tree City USA

Gutter cleaning in Tree City USA